Hail 狼银!!


    I’m afraid.

    I’m afraid I’ll see a corpse if I push this door open. A corpse just laying there, laying at the corner of this toilet stall, with the deadly eyes and open wide mouth.

    I’m sure I’ll scream my lungs out if that happen, or maybe I’ll do nothing, just use another empty stall like nothing ever happened and walk out of the restroom.

    No, I think I’ll run like hell and tell all my teachers, and yell to everyone that there is a dead body in the toilet stall. A dead body of my best friend or someone I knew for one year, or even a stranger’s.

    I shake my head and let this impossible thought flees out of my brain. 

    It comes from nowhere.

    So I take a deep breathe, and finally push the door open.

    There I see a corpse laying at the corner of the stall, with deadly eyes and open wide mouth. 

    And a face just like mine

Ethan’s Dream





  It was a cloudy day, everything seemed like they were covered by a piece of silk, the moonlight was striving to break through the clouds, but it failed. So it gave up, and went to take a nap. The air smelled like it was going moldy, and no one could do anything about it.

    There was an old house laying at the edge of the dark forest, only a few people knew this house. They were all the closest friends to the beautiful, gorgeous lady owner of the house. No one could be sure what her job was, but she had so much money, more than you can ever imagine. This is a house you would seldom see in the present days, it got a spooky style, just like those haunted house from those cliché ghost stories.

     The beautiful, gorgeous lady house owner that lived by herself, which named Julia, inherited this house from her grandfather, and her grandfather inherited this house from his great grandfather......this house was built at least 200 years ago!

     Two A.M. in the morning, something unknown in the forest was howling. Julia was sleeping in her bed, dreaming a sweet sweet dream. The house was standing still in the dark, it was quiet. A shadow sneaked into the house, and bowled over a china that placed at the tea table. 

     The china broke into pieces, and the sound filled the whole house. But Julia was still asleep, she was having a date with all the cupcakes and cookies.

     The shadow tucked in he’s big black jacket. Under the faint candle light, something was shimmering in his left hand. He kept turning the thing in his hand, and it left a silver semicircle in the air. His whole body was shaking mightily. It is hard to tell if he was laughing or crying.

     Suddenly, something furry on the floor started to move. It was the bearskin rug, he shook his fur. He opened his big scary mouth and whispered into the air.“Hey guys......are there anyone still awake?” His voice was deep and hoarse, sounded like he just woke up in the morning.

      “Ticktock, ticktock. Hey big brother, all the clocks in the world are awake! We work 24/7, there is no time for us to rest, not even one second! Ticktock, ticktock!” The big old clock that was standing straight in the corner, spun his gears in his body with a high speed, and his pendulum was waving, like he was saying hello.

     “Wait......is that Ethan who just came in? Oh! It is Ethan!” One little tea cup on the tea table started jumping due to her excitement, and she made her screeching noise. “He is the most perfect boyfriend in the world! Look how sweet he is! He even brings a present while he visiting Julia!”

     The china debris that lay on the floor barely made a sound. He tried to say something, but his voice dissipated into the air before anyone could understand what he said.

    “Oh the lord of furniture, if there is one. Please praise Ethan for the delicate little silver dagger that he got for Julia, I can be sure that girl would love it, and she would forgive him for he is using drugs, not quite sure what that is......Julia always call it ‘the white line’? There will be no more fights between this cute couple! Hooray!” The Egypt carpet was yelling with her funny accent.

     “They will get married!” The rest of the furnitures said.

     “But I’ll never marry her.” Ethan thought.

     He didn’t know what happened to him, because he could hear all the furnitures around him were talking. He was pretty calm, because this was his dream. A dream after a big party, 2 packs of cocaine and countless cups of beer. The only thing he could recall is he puked on his couch and passed out at his apartment. He had not clue about how the hell he got there, and why he is holding the dagger that he got from his father, he remembers that he placed it in his night table. 

      “Well, it’s just a dream, everything happens.” He thought.

     Now, Ethan’s whole body shook more drastically, because there was a voice in his head just told him to do something that he never thought of.

     “Kill her.”

     The voice said.

     “Kill Julia.”

     Ethan repeated.

     “It’s just a dream, I can do anything......even kill my girlfriend, which I never loved, and get all her fortune......!”

     His mumbling mixed with the “crack” sound that he made while he stepped onto the wooden floor. He was moving fast, almost flying. Just in a second he reached his destination, Julia’s bedroom. The shadow pushed the door open, and squeezed himself into the room.

     A whole house of furnitures were still talking and laughing, but no one will know. Except Ethan.

     The next thing that happened, was Ethan kneeled beside her bed and stabbing the dagger into Julia’s body. Her gorgeous, beautiful face was not pretty anymore. Her mouth opened wide, and her eyes almost fell from her eye sockets. This beautiful sculpture’s face made by god, slowly turned to red, and then purple. Finally, it was white, deadly white. Her blood was all over her bed, it poured out from her chest, the rusty smell filled up the room. And Ethan just laughed, he pulled out the dagger, and threw it out of the window.

     All she could say at last is “Ah—”. 

     The last breathe fled from her nostrils. Now, she’s dead.

     “Oh, listen! Julia must loves this present so much. She must be so surprised right now, how can anyone believe a man like Ethan can do such nice thing!” The dusty mirror on the wall spoke slowly. He seldom speaks, almost forgetting how.

     Suddenly, everything from here was a blur to Ethan, he didn’t even get a chance to get all her money. 

     He woke up on his dirty couch, wiped off the vomitus from his face. He could only remember the crazy party and his crazy dream.

     “I’ll never do something so terrible like that, for god’s sake it’s only a dream.” This man stood in front of a mirror, kept thinking about the talking furnitures and his cruel crime that he committed.

     6 A.M. in the morning, the same wood, there was a jogger.

     She believed that she had never took this path before, all the sceneries were new to her, and they were enjoyable. Then, a large creepy house fell into her sight. A drastic cold ran through her spine, while she saw there was a dagger covered in blood laying under the huge oak tree right besides that house.

     At this moment, inside the house, the bear skin rug shook his fur......











  ah oh一不小心就说漏嘴了什么。






  对,自从Dru加入AVL【Anti–Villain League】也有八天又两个小时整了!哦多么让人激动啊,今晚AVL要去抓捕一个被五个国家通缉的罪犯!兄弟俩和Lucy都奉命参加这次抓捕活动。





“Dear brother,
    Dru 留。:)”







Dru肯定也很能和Margo合得来,比如又在商场遇见dream boy啦【参见第二部】然后Dru就趁Gru不注意,躲在Gru背后悄悄拉着Margo小声教她怎么泡男生,最后Gru只能急得跳脚把那个男生赶走,然后Dru就在旁边偷笑。



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  “heeey brother!”